Moving house the last bit

Cancel the contents, and house and dwellings insurance on your old house and put insurance in place on your new home.

Contact your local tax office of your change of address. Do the same for any credit cards, rentals or hire purchase.

Don’t forget your pension companies plus any health or life assurance companies you have policies with.

If you have savings or bonds they need to be notified of the change of address.

Then there are the utilities; water, electricity and gas. Your council tax needs to be terminated at your old property and started at your new home.

Let  the council know you are moving as you might lose the right to vote.

Some mobile phone companies need a month’s notice or you might get charged. If you have a landline you will need an up to date bill for your moving date. The same applies for cable companies and you may have to return equipment.

Then there are your motor vehicles. You need to change your vehicle registration, vehicle insurance and inform the DVLA to change the address on your driving license. Don’t forget your vehicle breakdown membership.

You know all those loyalty points you get when shopping, they need to know your new address as well.

You’ll need to register with a new doctor at your new address. If you get the opportunity to visit the area you are moving to, it is well worth seeking out the local doctor’s surgery, a dentist, the local hospital plus checking there is an optician in the area.

Take your library books back before you move. Cancel any gym subscriptions, tennis/golf clubs fees, cancel the milkman and the newspapers.

Re-direct mail. This is vital in case important documents go astray. Also it lowers the risk of becoming an identity fraud victim. This can be done at the post office.

Junk mail. If you want to stop receiving all addressed direct mail from companies or charities that you have not dealt with before, you can register your details free of charge with the Mailing Preference Service. by doing this you can remove your name from up to 95% of direct mail lists in the uk. To request a registration form, phone 08457034599 or register online at

Then there are the day to day things to deal with.

  1. Defrost the fridge freezer
  2. Do a last minute wash
  3. Flush the dishwasher

I would advise you have valuable personal possessions in hand I.e. passport and jewellery.

Decide whether to clean the house or arrange for a professional cleaner to come in. I decided to get a house cleaner in. it was great emptying cupboards and drawers knowing they would be left clean.

Make arrangements for your pets. Make sure you have proper carriers for cats or small dogs and small pets. They can find it quite distressing travelling.

Move pets into kennels or a cattery, give your pet’s details to a local vet in your new area.

Get clear directions to your new property. Arrange with neighbours to leave parking spaces on the day of your move

Dig out keys for locks, doors and windows.

Make up a box for the day with a kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits, munchies, scissors. Make a small kit of loo roll, toothpaste, deodorant.

Keep some cash to hand. Light bulbs, torch, lighter, pen and paper are all handy when you get to your new house. Also take a corkscrew, a bottle of wine or champagne, some champagne glasses a few basic plates and cutlery in case you fancy a takeaway.

Keep in a special place the following, car keys, first aid kit, cat/dog food and favourite toys.

Book overnight accommodation if you need to in plenty of time. Also remember your TV license doesn’t move with you.

Take a deep breath. The big day has arrived!

The removal van pulled up, and it was indeed the size of a double decker bus. Bit of a problem parking the van but we managed to move a couple of cars around and eventually it was parked right outside our front door.

The removal firm were brilliant. The workforce seemed highly trained and handled our belongings with utmost care. The supervisor told us they we all employed directly with the company, not agency hired and they were all CRB checked.

The gas and electricity suppliers required meter reading on the day of moving.

Henry had a the time of his life helping his dad and the removal men, and didn’t seem to get in the way. When the van was packed up we were filthy and exhausted. We had arranged to stay with relatives for the night and start the drive up to Sunderland the next day. Our van drove off to storage for the night. We felt quite bereft and lost. The next day we got up at dawn and started our drive up to Sunderland. This really did feel like an adventure. There was no turning back now. We went to the estate agents to pick up the keys to our new home and we knew we were going to love living there.

The removal van arrived. Having the packing service really helped. My favourite thing was wheeling all our clothes straight into the house under dust covers and then straight into the wardrobes. Again the removal men were so careful and helpful. We didn’t have one breakage or damage to anything.

That evening we had our furniture moved in. We had gas and electric and water. We didn’t have internet access yet but we opened our bottle of champagne and had Henry’s favourite take away, Indian.

We have been in our new home almost a year and looking back the move seemed quite straightforward. Maybe we were lucky. Maybe having a spreadsheet helped! Having the proper services to help us move was fantastic. I would advise anyone to hire a professional removal company; take advantage of a housecleaning service, and definitely have the packing service.  House moving needn’t be daunting. Make it an adventure!